Jan 302018
“We all have our own callings in life. Mine is to vanish.”

Jennifer Im has big plans for her 30th birthday. Growing up in a cookie-cutter household, seemingly perfect on paper, internally she’s struggled to find meaning while plunged in the depths of loneliness. Trapped in an internal war with no end in sight, she knows her upcoming birthday will change everything for the better.

Detective Kylie Kang is on a new case with a new partner. The only problem is she’s on probation. After flubbing her first case as lead and dealing with the death of her Gramps, she checked out from the world and holed up in her tiny downtown San Diego apartment, seeing and talking to no one for an entire month. After some groveling and some much needed assistance from her best friend, Eve Darling, Ky begins the arduous process of picking up the pieces that are her life.

An esteemed Korean family is found murdered over dinner in a quiet, residential neighborhood in Poway and once again, Ky finds herself on a case that hits too close to home. Finding similarities with the lone survivor—unclear whether she’s victim or suspect—dredges up old feelings thought long buried.

As Ky deals with her internal struggles and complications at work, she sets out to solve the case and prove her worth.

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