Jan 302018
A young couple discovers the terrifying secrets behind a supernatural presence in their home.

The complicated history of the Saxton house has been long forgotten. Few in the town of Cypress Creek even remember the house and what had occurred inside its walls decades before. In the present time, author Rob Hooper and his wife, Janet, are looking for a quiet place to live. The grandiose, isolated Victorian-style relic is everything they could want. A mysterious, widowed owner offers them a deal that can’t be passed up. But they quickly discover that some things are too good to be true.

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Jan 302018
Magic and mystery are only part of the Southern Charms of Honeysuckle Hollow…

Charli Goodwin doesn’t expect her homecoming to go without a hitch–after all, she skipped town, leaving her fiancé and family without a clue as to where she was going or why. Now that she’s ready to return home, she plans to lay low and sip some of her Nana’s sweet tea while the town gossips come out to play.

Unfortunately, on her first night back, Charli discovers the body of her crazy great-uncle, and suddenly finds herself at the center of a mystery that threatens the very foundations of Honeysuckle Hollow and the safety of every paranormal citizen in it–starting with Charli herself. 

With the clock ticking, will Charli’s special magical talents be enough to save not only the town but also her own life?

Grab some sweet tea and find out now in Moonshine & Magic: A Southern Charms Cozy Mystery Book 1!

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Jan 302018


Bella Caruso survived a nightmare of abuse and betrayal. Today, she has dedicated her life to saving other young women from the hell that almost killed her—first as an officer of the law, then by stepping outside the law and into the darkness where true evil dwells. Now, it appears that the darkness has taken her once again.

JT Caruso often worries about his sister, given her line of work. This time, when he learns that Bella is working undercover to find a missing girl involved in a dangerous prostitution ring, JT asks FBI Special Agent Lucy Kincaid for help.

Even with Lucy’s extensive experience in running down human traffickers, finding Bella will not be easy. Not only because she is in too deep. But because Bella, who will not rest until she saves the girl, doesn’t want to be found…

—Associated Press“CAN’T-PUT-IT-DOWN SUSPENSE.”—Fresh Fiction

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Jan 302018
Creepy munchkins. A mysterious phantom. And a real Wicked Witch. Are you ready for it?

Actress and part-time PI Ivy Meadows has been hired to uncover the cause of the creepy accidents that plague the roadshow The Wizard: A Space OZpera and find out who dropped a chandelier on the Wicked Witch of the East.

Was it the ghost who haunts the Grand Phoenician Theatre? A “wicked witch” in the cast? Or is it someone—or something—more sinister?

It’s Ivy’s most personal case so far.

Her best friend Candy, who’s touring with the show, is caught in a downward spiral of self-destruction, and is in more danger than she knows.

To save her friend and the show, Ivy must answer even tougher questions: Do spirits really exist? What is real beauty? What does friendship mean?

Ivy needs to learn the answers, and fast—before Candy reaches the point of no return.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

THE PHANTOM OF OZ by Cindy Brown | A Henery Press Mystery. If you like one, you’ll probably like them all.

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Jan 302018
Edenville has become home to Piper and her family. She hardly thinks about the fact that the man who raised her was a Serial Killer. Her family has grown. Her home is happy. Life is good…. until a stranger comes to town.

Paisley Blackwood is on a mission – find the man who killed her Aunt decades ago. When a lead on the case brings her to Edenville she doesn’t realize just how much she’s about to unearth. Secrets Piper and her family wish would stay buried. There seems no way they can all get what they need. – Not without a little help from Betty.

Book 1: Chasing Justice
Book 2: Cutting Ties
Book 3: Changing Fate
Book 4: Finding Freedom
Book 5: Settling Scores
Book 6: Battling Destiny
Book 7: Unearthing Truth

Bonus Material:
Chris & Sydney Collection: Choosing Christmas & Saving Love
Betty’s Journal – Bonus Material(suggested to be read after Book 4 to avoid spoilers)

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Jan 302018

Lieutenant Eve Dallas returns in Dark in Death, by J.D. Robb, the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense, and takes on a case of death imitating art…

It was a stab in the dark.

On a chilly February night, during a screening of Psycho in midtown, someone sunk an ice pick into the back of Chanel Rylan’s neck, then disappeared quietly into the crowds of drunks and tourists in Times Square. To Chanel’s best friend, who had just slipped out of the theater for a moment to take a call, it felt as unreal as the ancient black-and-white movie up on the screen. But Chanel’s blood ran red, and her death was anything but fictional.

Then, as Eve Dallas puzzles over a homicide that seems carefully planned and yet oddly personal, she receives a tip from an unexpected source: an author of police thrillers who recognizes the crime—from the pages of her own book. Dallas doesn’t think it’s coincidence, since a recent strangulation of a sex worker resembles a scene from her writing as well. Cops look for patterns of behavior: similar weapons, similar MOs. But this killer seems to find inspiration in someone else’s imagination, and if the theory holds, this may be only the second of a long-running series.

The good news is that Eve and her billionaire husband Roarke have an excuse to curl up in front of the fireplace with their cat, Galahad, reading mystery stories for research. The bad news is that time is running out before the next victim plays an unwitting role in a murderer’s deranged private drama—and only Eve can put a stop to a creative impulse gone horribly, destructively wrong.

From the author of Echoes in Death, this is the latest of the edgy, phenomenally popular police procedurals that Publishers Weekly calls “inventive, entertaining, and clever.”

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Jan 302018
The second gripping thriller in the DI Kayli Bright thriller series.
Other books in the series are:
The Missing Children
Hidden Agenda – available for pre-order, due to release March 15th.
DI Kayli Bright is called to the scene of a terrible accident that appears to be a case of careless driving. However, her gut reaction tells her there’s much more at stake. Within hours, her suspicions are confirmed when she is called to investigate a second incident on the same stretch of road. This time there is no doubt in Kayli’s mind that she’s dealing with a murder enquiry.

Are the two incidents connected? Is Kayli looking for a driver with a severe case of road rage? Or is there a twisted serial killer on her patch?

As Kayli sifts through the web of lies to capture the killer, her personal life seems to be falling apart. Her fiancé, Mark, returns home from his new job oversees a changed man. What is he hiding? Could Mark’s dark secret be destructive enough to put an end to their relationship?

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Jan 302018


Neal Griffin returns with a chilling tale of religion, racism, and murder in small-town America!

Former Marine Tia Suarez has made a name for herself in the Newberg PD: troublemaker, seeker of justice, a good cop’s best friend and a bad cop’s worst nightmare. When a Native American teen is found dead on the grounds of a Christian religious retreat, Tia is determined to find out who killed him despite being stonewalled by all involved.

The Newberg Novels
Benefit of the Doubt
A Voice from The Field
By His Own Hand

At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

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Jan 302018
Doctor’s Body Discovered at Mountain View Cemetery, Daisy Gumm Majesty Investigates, in the Historical Cozy Mystery, Spirits Unearthed, by Alice Duncan

Pasadena, California, November to December 1924
When Spike, Daisy Gumm Majesty’s dachshund, finds a shoe at Mountain View Cemetery, Daisy is horrified to discover the shoe contains a foot. Along with her fiancé, Pasadena Detective Sam Rotondo, they find the body of Dr. Everhard Allan Wagner, a notorious abuser of women and young girls.
Daisy’s glad he’s dead but still wants to know who killed him. Fearing for her safety, Sam doesn’t want Daisy involved in the investigation.
Unfortunately for Sam, and for Daisy, she ends up in the thick of things when she learns the murderer may have also killed her friend, Harold Kincaid.
But the murderer may have bigger problems than the law when Daisy seeks swift justice of her own.

From the Publisher: The Daisy Gumm Majesty Cozy Mystery Series is a light-hearted mystery in a historical setting. There are no explicit sexual scenes and minimal cursing and will be enjoyed by readers who appreciate clean and wholesome reads.

“Well plotted with a band of whimsical characters and genuine humor…” ~Diane Morasco, RT Book Reviews

Strong Spirits
Fine Spirits
High Spirits
Hungry Spirits
Genteel Spirits
Ancient Spirits
Dark Spirits
Spirits Onstage
Unsettled Spirits
Bruised Spirits
Spirits United
Spirits Unearthed
Shaken Spirits

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